Project Activities

ACIAR Applied research

The Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), in partnership with the Secretariat for the Pacific Community (SPC), Natures Way Cooperative (NWC), Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Horticulture and Forestry Science (DEEDI) and Koko Siga (Fiji) has undertaken a four year research activity based in Fiji

The primary aim of the project is to substantially increase the contribution of papaya exports to the livelihoods of rural people in western Viti Levu. The project aims to achieve this objective through a range of applied research activities including: on-farm production trials, sea freight trials, pest and disease management etc.

ACIAR Project Document (PDF, 357 KB)

FAO Farmer – market linkage activity

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations supported a 6 month activity through Natures Way Cooperative aimed at improving the Fiji papaya supply chain by making actors aware of the WHOLE chain and the key issues affecting quality and profitability.

FAO-NWC Farmer Market Linkage Project Final report (PDF, 566 KB)

SPC – FACT Papaya market study

Prior to the commencement of the major research activities of the Fiji papaya project a thorough market study was conducted to identify market opportunities and constraints for Fiji Papaya. Market studies were conducted in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US.

Australian Market Analysis – Fiji and Pacific Island Papaya (PDF, 2687 KB)

The market for papaya from Fiji and other Pacific Islands – New Zealand Study (PDF 1613 KB)

The market for papaya from Fiji and other Pacific Islands – Japan Study (PDF 5713 KB)

United States Market Analysis – Fiji and Pacific Island Papaya (PDF, 1203 KB)

Market access and market improvement

A market access submission for papaya into the USA market is currently with the USDA awaiting approval. A submission to improve the bilateral quarantine agreement for papaya into New Zealand is currently in process and should be submitted by the end of 2010.

Information dissemination and extension services

A primary aim of the Fiji Papaya project is information dissemination. To achieve this aim the FPP carries out regular field visits and surveys into papaya producing areas all over Fiji. The FPP also hosts and participates in training workshops. A number of training materials and information sheets are available on this website.

Information Sheet – ‘Fiji Red' (PDF, 90 KB) 

Grading and Packing (PDF, 185 KB)

Harvest Maturity (PDF, 72 KB)

Hidden Damage on papaya fruit (PDF, 235 KB)

High quality seedlings for success (PDF, 149 KB)

Papaya - BQA pathway (PDF, 361 KB)

Sex and papaya (PDF, 149 KB)

The business of exporting papaya (PDF, 150 KB)

Papaya Farming as a business (PDF, 109 KB)