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Fiji Papaya MAP Report
28-Nov-2012 | 566kb
The report on the Storage and Modified Atmosphere Packaging effects on shelf life qualities of papaya 'Fiji Red' fruit by FPP and reps from QLD Australia's DAFF.

An Evaluation of post-harvest treatments for control of post-harvest rots in export papaya from Fiji
04-May-2012 | 1271kb
The high incidence of post-harvest rots has led to increased rejection rates all along the supply chain, causing a reduction in income to farmers, exporters, importers and retailers of Fiji papaya.

The economics of growing organic papaya in Fiji
08-Feb-2012 | 122kb
Organic culture is being promoted as a means to increase the incomes of Pacific Island farmers.This research explores the economics of organic agriculture, with the case of Fiji Papaya.

Optimising Sea Freight for Fiji Papaya
08-Feb-2012 | 2204kb
Sea freight is preferred over air freight for reduction of shipping costs and in the long term to overcome capacity constraints of air freighted fruit.

3rd International Papaya Symposium Trip
07-Feb-2012 | 1571kb
Held at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand on Dec 19-22,2011. Organised by the Thailand Department of Agriculture and the ISHS.

ACIAR Fiji Papaya 2nd Annual Report
25-Jul-2011 | 1033kb
ACIAR Fiji Papaya 2nd Annual Report

ACIAR Project Document
21-Jul-2010 | 357kb
Strengthening the Fiji Papaya Industry through applied research and information dissemination

Australian Market Analysis Final Report
21-Jul-2010 | 2687kb
Australian Market Analysis – Fiji and Pacific Island Papaya

NZ Market Analysis final report
21-Jul-2010 | 1613kb
The market for papaya from Fiji and other Pacific Islands – New Zealand Study

Japanese Market Analysis Final Report
21-Jul-2010 | 136kb
The market for papaya from Fiji and other Pacific Islands – Japan Study