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FPP TAB Mark The Date Card
26-Nov-2012 | 108kb
FPP TAB meeting dates for 2013

Fiji Papaya Industry on the road to recovery after devastating floods
31-Aug-2012 | 58kb
Press release

The business of exporting papaya
26-Jun-2009 | 150kb
Information Sheet – The business of exporting papaya

Papaya farming as a business
26-Jun-2009 | 109kb
If you grow papaya and sell those papaya for cash then you are running a business

Fiji Red
22-May-2009 | 90kb
Fiji Red is Solo Sunrise

Grading and Packing
22-May-2009 | 185kb
Grading of papaya happens up to 5 times before export.

Harvest Maturity
22-May-2009 | 72kb
Papaya fruits should be harvested when the colour of the skin changes from dark green to light green and when one yellow streak begins development from the base upwards

Hidden Damage on papaya fruit
22-May-2009 | 235kb
Physical damage to papaya fruit at the green stage will not show up until the fruit ripens.

High quality seedlings for success
22-May-2009 | 149kb
Seed purity is critical to ensure that characteristics such as size, flesh colour, sweetness and flavour are maintained.

Papaya - BQA pathway
22-May-2009 | 361kb
Fiji Papaya Export Pathway