Sabeto Site

The Sabeto trial site is located in the Nadi area just 15 minutes from the International Airport. The site belongs to Project Officer Livai Tora, other crops grown on the site include: sugarcane, tobacco and cassava. At present there are two trials underway at the Sabeto site including:

  1. Comparison and nalysis of production practices - Conventional vs. Organic
  2. Seed block and locally adapted variety selection

Sabeto lies in the dry climate zone of Fiji and receives approximately 30% more sunlight than the Sigatoka Valley. Traditionally this area is renowned for its sugarcane production however in recent years the number sugarcane farms has decreased significantly as the profitability of cane farming also decreases. Farmers in the Sabeto area are urgently looking for a substitute crop and with the seemingly ideal growing conditions and proximity to the International Airport, it is expected that papaya will emerge as a major crop in this area.

January 21st, 2010 Land prep & Fertilizer Mixing

1 month after (February 21st, 2010)

4 months after planting - 27th May, 2010